Anglické texty žáků K1 (2020-21)

Ukázky anglických textů žáků K1:

I am fighting for freedom.

For the land that is yours. I´m on my way to victory.

I have seen many horrors in this world. I never want to see mother crying over a loss again.

That´s why I am putting my life to risk. Put my life in danger to see a smile on her face.

So let´s go on this way, I´ll be strong and you, 

let´s be by my side. When I am with you, I feel strong and alive.

You are my life, and I´ll never live to see another day without you. The world is my heart and you are my world.

When you cry, I cry. When you feel happy, I am happy. When you need me, I am always there for you.

That´s my world, and I´ll be with you till the end. All of these are in my heart and soul.

You gave me something, which I never felt before.

I feel, and I´m loving you. I´ll love you forever, no matter what comes to be.

I will go to the end of the world to save you. You´re everything to me.

I´m with you, and I don´t care where we are. We´re going to be together for a long time.

We will experience happiness and sadness. However, nothing will separate us.

I´ve no more tears to shed now.

I am strong and happy when you are with me. We are one, and I love you forever.

My love, I will be always there for you.



Everything once ends. We are nothing more than characters in a story, our lives can be easily ended by an arrow or a rock.

If our lives are not ended by these things, our lives are only prolonged and made more interesting.

But what´s the point of fighting, when we are on the battlefield?

If we are to be real warriors, the war should not be between us and the enemy, but with ourselves.

Someone is fighting for his country, someone for his loved ones, someone to live tomorrow. So is there any point to fight for?

So one day, a soldier on the battlefield said to his friend: “I think I have finally understood what I am fighting for.“

And his fellow soldier asked him: “So what are you fighting for then? “

I am fighting for that one moment in which I have been transported to the very pinnacle of happiness. “

His friend asked him again: “What about our country, your family, your wife? “

That is all just something that I have been born into, and the moment has come when I am prepared to be born out o fit. “

You are someone who´s got it straight out. I pray for you to survive this war. “

And so, a soldier in the war against himself was born.

But this is just a merely little part of this story.

Many people have a different outlook on/towards life and think there is no point to fight for anything.

Yet many people have point to fight for.

Then, there are people who find it hard to understand the value of fighting for a cause.

And when they find it, their fighting spirit becomes their soul.