English texts 2019-20

Tři ukázky kompozicí psaných na hodinách anglického jazyka napříč všemi ročníky SŠKK.

1. Žáci měli napsat neformální email kamarádovi, kde popisují zločin, jehož byli svědkem.

Hi Jo,
How are you? I´ve just got back from work and you won´t believe what happened today.

I was at work and I was just putting books on the shelf when an elderly woman came in and behaved very strangely. Imagine she suddenly dropped a lot of books, took one of them and ran out of the store. The guard followed her, but he could not catch her. She was really fast for her age, but then she was caught by one of the shopping center visitors. The security guard took her away and kept her until the police arrived.

It was really strange and we had to clean up again because of this woman.




2. Žáci měli napsat neformální dopis kamarádovi do Británie o knize, kterou právě přečetli.


Dear Fran, 

How have you been? I haven´t heard from you for ages, so I´m curious. Let me know.

I just have finished reading a really good book and I´m sure if you read it, but if you have not, you definitely should. It is called „Harry Potter“ by J. K. Rowling.

The main character is Harry Potter, like  the title of this book. He´ll find out that he is a wizard. He´s accepted at the Academy of Sorcery and Magic in Hogwarts, where his story starts. It´s  about good and evil, magical world and friendship, that is why I loved it and I think you would, too.

If you don´t have any plans for the summer, I would like to invite you to our town. Think about it and let me know.




3. Žáci měli odpovědět na inzerát, který viděli na internetovém foru; měli vysvětlit, jak tráví svůj den, kdy a jak dlouho se učí, co dělají ve svém volnu, jak se stravují.


Hi there!

I am writing to you, because I saw your ad on the Internet forum. I am Judy, a seventeen-year-old girl from the Czech Republic. I usually sleep seven hours.

I eat five times a day and I study from Monday to Friday six or eight hours. After school I read books or listen to music.

I hope I helped you.