Sonnets (K4b) – 2009

The song of melancholy

Winter and snow
I´m sad
Where is my smile? No!
I think that I´m lost.
I see a blue moonlight
My silence is lost as my work at the post.
The dust from my dreams is light
My dreams of happier times
I forgot their melody and song.
I´m losing their lines
I have been lonely for a very long…

In my life there is a ghastly gloom
And I never want to groom.

Martin Slavík

Me and You

I have a big ring
You have big eyes
I can hear you sing
You are very nice.

I love a big fun
I hate any cry
You live with my mum
You love and try.

I love every morning
I love to meet
You are very boring
You love only to feed.

You are very old
Your heart is cold.

Katrin Tarkhounová