English texts – 2008

V rámci procvičování minulých časů měli studenti napsat text se zadaným začátkem (vyznačen tučně).


Yesterday morning was full of“chandra”. I woke up and went to the tram stop. While I was waiting here, I was thinking if it was possible to buy some food before the tram arrived. However, the tram appeared just at the moment it was not possible. I was hungry, oh my god, I was starving. I went one stop by tram and then I got off. I saw a bus coming, so I ran to ctach it. People were looking at me as if I was crazy. Someone was sprinting so early in the morning. That´s still OK. But I was staring at them with my hunger and tired eyes as if I was thinking about killing or eating them. I felt a big misanthropy and I tried to sleep, but their presence was disturbing me very much. Suddenly I had to get off. One more tram stop and I would have killed them. I continued to school…

Ondřej Pěkný


Yesterday evening I came home and I was going to do something to school. Oh! What the hell! I´ve lost my exercise book! What can I do now? I started to cry. While I was crying, a little dwarf appeared under my bed and started to talk: “My girl, stop crying, please. I can help you!”
“Yes?” I was laughing. “How can such a small being help me – a very big and sad girl?”
The dwarf smiled: “It´s very simple, my girl!”
“Hey, stop calling me your girl, you small stupid ugly boy!” I was so hysteric. However, he told me: “Don´t be fool and look under your bed!”
I was very surprised that I saw my exercise book under my night place and much more things that I had lost. I was very happy and I wanted to say thanks to my little friend, but he had gone. “Where are you?” I was screaming to the whole room, but nobody answered.
“Oh, I´ve lost my bed dwarf!”
No. I haven´t lost him. I have him under my bed as all the things that I have ever lost and I will ever lose. My dear, when you lose something, don´t forget to look under your bed!

Sára Mirošovská


Last night I experienced an interesting thing. I wanted to go to the theatre. When I left my house I met a strange man. He was small and he was wearing a long coat. He also had something dark on his face. I wanted to go away but he started to talk about strange things. He was speaking about the end of the world and something else. I wasn´t listening to him because I was late. I was running to the theatre. The play was beautiful. When I was returning home I met that man again. Several persons were standing in front of my door and waiting for me.
“What do you want?” I asked.
“You must save the world,” he said and took my hand. We were going to the space centre. I was a teacher of physics so he wanted to involve me to a space project for the NASA. Why was the man speaking about saving the world? An asteroid was flying towards the Earth and I was supposed to break it. It wasn´t easy but I managed to do it. We constructed a bomb. …ring…ring…
“Girl, wake up!” said my mother. Was it only a dream? Yeah, last night I experienced an interesting thing. I was saving the world.

Veronika Hesounová


Yesterday was full of colours. Leaves were flying in the air and after they slowly fell down on the ground. I was just on my way to school when I noticed some men who had just arrived to our street with a big Avia van. They had special orange clothes, safety glasses and saws. Their work was simple: to cut down an old tree which had a kind of botanical illness. I was watching that process. The men started their motor blades and cut down the tree. I felt pity for the neighbours who liked this oak. It had been standing there for many centuries, but it wasn´t able to defeat plague itself. But in the moment when saws were in the middle of the ill body, the tree broke and fell on one of those men. It wasn´t a nice view. This man only wanted to help this oak from a painful life. Now his life will be difficult with the injury (if he survives…). And the oak? A nice table or chair can be made of it.

Barbora Zamrazilová


Yesterday was full of strange things. A small newly born cockroach was very hungry. So he went to the kitchen.
“Who are you?” said a big cat.
The small cockroach was scared: “I´m Teddy.”
“What are you doing here?” growled the big cat.
“I´m so hungry! I haven´t eaten for two days,” said Teddy and started crying.
“Oh, please, don´t cry,” said the big cat, “I´m Mr. Kittles and I will give you something to eat, but please don´t cry. I´m such a sensitive big cat!” said Teddy.
Mr. Kittles gave him something for breakfast and he went to sleep.
“It was a great cat,” said the nice Teddy, “I´m so…” In front of him appeared a beautiful girl.
“Woow, it is such a beautiful small cockroach girl!” He fell in love at first sight.
“Hmmm…so…uh…hello…I´m Teddy, Teddy Brooks, cockroach,” said Teddy.
“Hi, I am Lilli, your new neighbour,” said Lilli. She was smiling at him.
“Eer…and what are you doing this evening? I know a trash bin, you must see it,” said Teddy.
“Oh, you are so romantic! I love fresh garbage,” said Lilli, “they are beautiful.”
“Oh…what? You are beautiful,” said Teddy.
“Wait a moment, I´ll get back in ten minutes,” said Teddy. He fell head over heels in love.
“She is so beautiful,” said Teddy happily.
“This day was very strange. I´m in love and I got to know the great Mr. Kittles. I´m happy.

Kateřina Hálková