Sonnets (K4a) – 2009

If love was a fool
It would happen too
That my heart would be cool
And I´d have nothing to do.

But love is a sun
Which shines on my head
So I want to run
Straight into your bed.

Love is a flower too
Which decorates my hair
I want it to do
I want to sit on this chair.

But a flower dies
When it is nice!

Ivana Baňacká

In the first house were two dogs
White and black
They did box
And they never went back.

In the second house lived cats
One, two, three, four, five
Dogs and cats are pets
This is a real life.

In the next house lived a hamster
He was very red
Then he was killed by a gangster
And the hamster was dead.

In the last house lived a ghost
He was in the old house lost.

Tomáš Brabec

Následující báseň není přesný sonet, ale v každém případě se povedla natolik, že ji zde uvedeme:

If love was a flower
It would be for me like a cold shower
Because you are a flower for me
And I´m everywhere where you may be.

If friendship was true
What I´m for you?
Am I only a shadow
Or your morning meadow?

I don´t know
What has happened now
Maybe I can wish
To you my gold fish.

I love you very much
And you, do you feel my love touch?

Kateřina Cichá

The Wonderful Sun

Oh, Sun, your rays beam herein every wonderful morning
My love is in haze of golden ribbons and laces of yours
Your fresh shine is gleaming in a smoothed pool like a ring
God, keep your gratefulness upon Sun, and open its shining doors.

Oh, Sun, your rays stream herein every sweating warmth of noon
I adore your purity of shining upon everyone in my vicinity
Give me more chances to see thee in, brilliance of decency, please soon
Thee art dutiful and the gayest golden circle of fire and vitality.

Oh, Sun, your rays shiver upon the land, every such a dreamy evening
I love all colours of evening, your painting of unforgettable details
And your brother Moon, soon, shall be creator of his starry painting
His pale and silver face will be observing all visible places.

My eloquence is not, indeed, competent for an ideal description of sky
Therefore, I am not asking either scientists, or common people …why?

Petr Štalmach K3a